Web based training events or 'webinars' are an excellent way to participate in leadership, customer service or sales training without the travel and time commitment hassles. Join John Cameron on one of his energetic and topic focused classes and get the knowledge and skills you need.




  • Don’t lose a full day of selling
  • Don’t lose travel time or pay for parking
  • Don't sit through product pitches
  • Don't waste time listening to issues that don't concern you or your specific industry

With the First Six Modules of our Sales Intensive Webinar you will learn critical selling skills that you will use on your first day back at work. 

Make more appointments & more sales
because you can:

  • Turn call reluctance into call excitement
  • Learn to demonstrate honesty to customers
  • Create Effective Opening Sales Statements
  • Learn to be "Different" and "not Too Different"
  • Give up your fear of objections
  • Find the real objection using OGGI
  • Learn our REAPP(TM) process to overcome objections
  • Turn the gatekeeper or screener into an ally
  • Get through to the real decision make
  • Tell short true stories to connect emotionally and sell


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  • FREE Webinar "Overcoming Call Reluctance"



Try out a free class & then register your team for the fully customized 6-week or 12-week course.

Webinar attendees go beyond on-line training with the 357 page workbook and the complete, 3-hour audio program from the 'Selling When You Can't See the Whites of Their Eyes' program (included in the price) as a self paced resource to continue their development towards a mastery of consultative selling to add true and lasting value to their customers.

  • All this is only $275 per person, for a six week, one hour class, sales intensive course

All our courses are customized.
Why would you sign-up for a course and listen to attendees from
other industries talk about their issues? Dont! We value your time.
Your course content is tailored to address your needs.

The second six modules build on the core elements to:

  • Build rapport with voice mail
  • Demonstrate professionalism with voice mail
  • Learn a voice mail system that gets call backs
  • Master the AEIOU email process to develop relationships
  • Create emails that build Trust
  • Perfect emails that Move customers to take action
  • Master Consultative questions such as
  • Master Questions that qualify
  • Perfect Questions that uncover needs
  • Excel at Questions that prevent objections
  • Practice Questions that overcome objections
  • Have Questions that lead to the sale become second nature
  • Practice when and how to ask for the sale
  • Understand the process of referral
  • Perfect the information gathering system that will allow you to
  • Ask for and get referrals
  • Master the fundamentals of negotiating
  • Understand the use of ROI in selling
  • And much more

The total price for all 12 weeks,
one hour per week is only $415 per person


Group Discounts Available Email John or Call (916) 601-5319



No More Objections
6-Week Series


Full Course
12-Week Series


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