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No More Objections

REAPPTM is just one of the fundamental principles you will learn.


Communications That Sell is the second audio and workbook course in the series.

Our Audio & Workbook systems are designed specifically for anyone who develops business by phone such as insurance agents, financial planners, appointment setters, telemarketers, call center agents, hotels and small business owners.


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Communications That Sell
6 things you can accomplish with a well planned 30-second voicemail:

Extract from the guided steps that take you through creating your own customized series of voicemails. You will develop a framework, not a script:


productAsk, Don't Sell
The third module in the'Selling when you can't see the whites of their eyes' series explores what happens during the questioning process, how, by designing the right questions, you will help your clients overcome their own objections and justify the buying decision for themselves.

Develop the consultative questioning approach that will set you apart as a trusted partner to your clients and customers. Have have confidence and assurance to know you are providing the very best products and services that truly enhances your customers lives.


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Ask, Don't Sell
Two types of questions are the key to consultative selling

Industry examples of questions