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Our Mission: Through superior consulting, speaking, training and resources, using humor and great process, we help honorable sales people own the skills, plan and courage to build greater wealth for their customers and themselves.

If you would like to wake up excited about your upcoming sales day instead of dreading the thought of knocking on doors and picking up the phone-we can help!


Which learning solution is right for your organization?

Do you need a fully customized sales training solution?
Most people are surprised to find, once they review audio and workbook samples from our 3.5 hour audio and 357 page workbook Selling when you can't see the whites of their eyes sales-simulation training program that it will deliver the sales jump needed.

And if you need more customization we don't charge you to start with A and go to B and then C. We start with our wonderful Selling when you can't see the whites of their eyes sales simulation training program. We then go into the same recording studio with the same sound engineer who produced platinum albums for Cake and other artists and customize the materials with specific examples from your organization and industry so your team has the tools to immediately drive sales.



Others tell you what—We teach you how


Selling When You Can't See The Whites of Their Eyes is a unique training process designed specifically for anyone involved in sales, lead generation, prospecting, appointment setting — and in particular, anyone who hates cold calling.

Our self-paced audio & workbook courses, on-site workshops and customized services will increase your selling success right from the start with proven techniques so you will quickly have greater confidence and:

  • make more effective sales calls
  • make more and more effective appointments
  • leave effective voice mails that generate call backs
  • compose emails that get read and generate contact
  • ask questions that remove barriers, build rapport, lead to more appointments, more sales, more referrals and less sleepless nights



Sales professionals who use our sales simulation training systems consistently demonstrate honesty during the sales process and:

  • get rid of call reluctance once and for all
  • demonstrate increased self confidence
  • Have more successful opening sales conversations
  • Understand why people object
  • Are able to counter any objection
  • Turn the screener, gatekeeper or receptionist into an ally and sales coach
  • Get through to the decision maker
  • Build rapport
  • Qualify more effectively
  • Ask questions that sell
  • Leverage their time
  • Tell great true stories that sell
  • Master a series of templated voicemail messages that generates call backs
  • Customize a series of templated emails that increases sales
  • Increase appointments
  • have more effective appointments
  • increase sales
  • generate more referrals systematically
  • have more fun
  • worry less
  • And much more

Our sales simulation training products and services include self-paced CD and workbook programs, live workshops,keynote talks, webinars, sales scripting and customized consulting.

Free sales training tips

All sales training courses need to do accomplish three things-especially when creating new business is necessary to your survival.

Sales Training Should Show You How To Prove to your Potential Customers that:

  • Your are telling the truth
  • You care
  • You can and will help


T-Truth demonstrate your truthfulness from the start
H-Help Show you can help right from the start
C-Care show you care right from the start

Easy to say-Hard to do

Here is how I demonstrate truthfulness in my opening sales conversation-
The receptionist says:

“Thank you for calling the xyz corporation. This is Jane- how may I help you.”

And I say,

“Thanks for answering Jane of xyz corporation. This is John Cameron, with and this is a sales call. I created the sales simulation training program that the number one new producer in California last year used to train his folks to help him get to number one. Are you part of the team that evaluates training or do I need to speak to someone else?"

Call John today (916) 601-5319 or email to implement a sales simulation training program unique to your needs that will increase sales immediately. Whether you need:

  • Cold call training
  • Business development training
  • Training to set appointments
  • Training to get referrals
  • Training to counter objections

Call John today (916) 601-5319 or email to implement a sales training program unique to your needs that will increase sales immediately - guaranteed.


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